Jeffrey Bayonne is the Founder of Lone Bayonne Musical Arts. LBMA is a Indie record label, recording studio, a virtual music store, a foundation for all who wish to play music and do not have the resources to do so and the home of the Bayonne library that contains over 400 mixed and mastered original compositions. Bayonne writes music of all genres, for his diverse clientele. Bayonne writes smooth jazz , and performs voice- overs for FM station commercial use. Bayonne writes theme songs for corporations and small businesses looking for a logo in sound. Jeffrey Bayonne writes for many major label artist looking for fresh material. Consequently, whatever your musical taste or need, consult with LBMA, before spending on a project you may not be completely satisfied with. In addition, LBMA will write material for an individual or group for their personal or club use. For example, many different types of experiences happen in our lives and music can be associated with those experiences. If you as an individual are looking for music that will represent an experience, happy or sad, fast or slow, instrumental or not, with a consultation we will, with your input develop the music. And if you are a writer of poetry or keep a journal, Bayonne will transform your writings into lyrics. At LBMA we have the experience and the facility for professional results. On our contact page, a brief description of your needs is all we need to get started.