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The Bayonne Musical Arts Foundation, a non-Profit organization, will be established this coming year, for the artistic development of at risk, economically challenged, persons of all nationalities and religious backgrounds. Our goal will be to provide musical instruments, and tutorials free of charge,for those who seek self expression through any art-form chosen. Jeffrey Bayonne will head a staff of experienced artists to instruct and advise. Through volunteers and your tax deductible donations, this dream will be a reality!   

A very special thank you goes out to the management and staff of Guitar Center Sacramento, Roseville, and El Cerrito. More specifically, Jose Blanco and William Seltzer Jr for there tireless efforts and patience with Jeffrey. Lone Bayonne Musical Arts has aquired approximately 40 state of the art, highest quality keyboards offered from around the country this past year, from there 150 plus locations. These aquisitions would not have been possible without these ladies and gentlemen. In addition, the expert help from Nick Ikeda, at the Roseville location, Chad Zammuto and Kevin in El Cerrito for there dedication to customer service, and the artist who shop there. It is worth mentioning that the service and overall knowledge of the equipment they sell is second to none. From Lone Bayonne Musical Arts, thank you Guitar Center for having such outstanding team members in place and remember, these guys and gals are musicians as well. Cheers!

Lone Bayonne Musical Arts has a two new partners that we would like to introduce. Ray Bones of 50 West Productions, is a gifted musician, video tographer, and web designer. Ray is owed our gratitude for this website and the Jazz On video. We welcome Ray Bones and his partner Uncle Cuzzin Steve, and their families to our company. Jeffrey Bayonne, Founder

Guitar Center, Sacramento

William S.